Saturday, March 29, 2014

DIY Indoor Awning

I love DIY projects. I have not done any major projects yet, but many small ones. I love home decor projects like the DIY wall art in my guest bedroom. One such project which was inspired from an image I saw in some website ( which I am not able to trace now) was to make an indoor awning.

I loved the indoor awning idea and knew right away that I wanted one for my kitchen window.

I searched online for indoor awning projects and figured how I would do it. I measured the width between the cabinets on both sides of the window as I wanted the awning across those cabinets. I measured the rough length of the awning from top of the cabinets. I bought 2 yards of fabric and two tension shower curtain rod. The advantage of using tension rod is that there is no need of any nails or drills. The rod will come with instructions on how to fit it between two spots.

I cut the fabric to the desired width + 4" and length + 8". I also did a scallop design at the end to give it a cafe look. I finished the seams at both sides of the fabric by folding fabric twice by 1". On top I made a pocket for the rod to go through. The extra 8" was for that. I slid the rod through this pocket and fit it on top between cabinets at the far end of cabinets. I set the next rod below towards the near end of cabinets. The fabric was then taken over this rod. I haven't attached fabric to this second rod, but since I used heavy fabric the fabric doesn't slide down.

As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, not everyone would probably like the idea of an indoor awning. But I personally love it. I think it adds a personal touch to my windows. Its modern yet very homey. 

If you would like to make one and have any questions, please use the comment section below. I would be happy to answer your questions.

I am linking this project here:

By Stephanie Lynn
DIY Show Off


  1. Thank you for posting this! It's EXACTLY what I want to do right up to the placement of the cabinets. I was way overthinking the project with rods and brackets and complications that aren't needed. I'm off to get a couple of tension rods!

    1. I am so glad this post helped you figure it out. I was not too sure if my explanation made any sense. Thank you for letting me know!

  2. How did you decide on the length of fabric needed?