Sunday, July 14, 2013

1 year!

You are ONE and quoting your achan, you are becoming cuter day by day. :)

You can walk very well and also run these days. You do not want us to hold your hands while we are walking. Shopping with you is very difficult these days as you want to push the cart, pull things from the aisle, and explore more aisles and so on. You are not scared to be alone these days. And hiding from your sight to make sure you stay with us is not at all working out. You love saying “ta ta” and some form of a “hi”. You wave very well. You try to climb to every possible place, but need help for getting down. You have climbed onto boxes, TV stand and couch in the past one month. When you want to get down you shout for us. :D
After you climb up on a box or your car, you wave your hand in a miss universe style and say “ta ta”.
You love music and dancing. As soon as you hear a song, you start dancing and look at us making sure we are too. You are a very happy child. You love our evening walks. As soon as we come down to the ground floor from our apartment and set you down, you start laughing out loud.

You can hold a spoon well and feed others now. Whenever we feed you something, you feed us back. You tickle me by kissing my tummy and you love it when I laugh.

Now once you are awake from sleep, you kiss us and the very next moment you want to get down from bed and get going. And the next thing you would do if we don’t get up from bed is to come back, hold our hands and pulls us. That is a new thing that you started doing this month. You hold our hands and pull us to places you want to go. You also bring our shoes, hand it over to us and say “ta ta”.

Your "onnam pirannal" was on June 26th. We made a grant sadya and had few of our friends over for lunch.

You loved all the attention and company you got during the long weekend of your birthday. We had friends from LA and SFO over at our home. You have grown quiet close to Anoop maman. We had a cake smash on July 5th.

We also had a really nice birthday party on July 6th.

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