Sunday, April 14, 2013

9 months


On Shivarathri when we went to temple. You folded your hands when an elderly person there told namaste to you with folded hands.

You are very cheerful and happy again after that short span when you were irritable. We feel it had something to do with teething. You are socializing well. Though you don't go to anyone's lap that easily, you do talk and play with everyone. Your smile is infectious.

You can now sign chewing and show us that you are hungry. Last day you managed to put a small piece of chappathi to your mouth and started eating. You know very well to push any food that comes out of your mouth back using your hands.

Now that your hair is long, we try different hair styles!

Achan has taught you to get out of the bed safely. So now you turn side wise or push yourself back and then get down. You have learnt to play peek-a-boo by pulling a blanket up to your face by yourself. You love it when any of us try chasing you on all fours. You take breaks in your crawling and look at us. When we start crawling towards you, you laugh out loud and speeds up.
Our Shuppu with the center partitioning

You are a naughty girl. Last day I saw you trying to shake the floor lamp holding onto its stem. when it did not budge(because your father has secured it under the bed frame) you held onto the bed and tried pulling harder. You now climb onto fire place on your own. You also kind of say umma while giving kisses. You have also started telling Chitta consistently. Your chitta gets all excited whenever she hears you telling chitta.

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