Sunday, December 9, 2012

5th month

At the beginning of this month you started trying a lot to move forward. You are always on your knees these days. You lift your hip and take push ups. Ammamma says she has not seen anyone trying this hard and lifting this high. You have moved few steps to the front. But you are not strong enough yet to lift your hands to move forward. But you have managed to find a way to move forward, that is by making a jump to the front, lying on your tummy and then moving your hands and pushing yourself up. You are also trying to sit up.
You have succeeded in reaching a half sitting position.

Till this month you used to love leaves more than flowers but this month you have started noticing flowers and you also pluck them if you get a chance. You know to make sound with a rattle. You can identify the source of a sound perfectly these days. You have a special liking to your appoopan and achachan. Your ammavan has become an expert in handling babies now that he got to handle you. You peed on him the other day and it looked like he peed himself. Ha ha that was a hilarious sight.

You started telling "acha acha" couple days before your achan reached home from US. When achan came home, you were shy at first. But now you are becoming a daddy's girl day by day.

You laugh a lot these days. It is super cute. On Dec 2nd you had your choroonu at Ettumanoor temple. You enjoyed seeing chenda and the lamps lit in the temple. You didn't cry at all. But you didn't know to swallow any of it that everyone gave you.

We tried giving you solids this month. We started with arrow root which is supposed to be very good for your stomach. But you didn't like it at all. So we might wait for another month before starting to give you solids regularly.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4 months

At 3 months and 12 days you rolled over on your own. Now you are a pro at it. You also know to roll back now. And you are making a huge effort to move forward, but the result is that you are moving backwards. That does irritate you  at times when you are trying hard to reach a toy kept in front.

These days you want your chitta to sing different songs to you. Till last month you preferred hearing the same song over and over( "kannan thumbi poramo" being your favourite). Your chita claims you love "Enthu paranjalum nee endethalle vaave". Right now your favourite song is "Attirambile kombile" according to her.

Now you grab things. Initally you were holding things that we give you, but now you try to grab anything that appears near you. When we take you out for a stroll, you try to grab leaves and flowers. You also try to snatch the toys in the toy mobile that appoopan has made for you. It keeps swinging,but you keep trying until you are able to hold it.

You make raspberries and spit a lot these days. You do it either when you are left alone or when someone holds you up and look at you.
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Third month

Malootty you loved your first international flight journey. You were marveled by the sight of all the tiny lights on the roof of the airplane at night. We met Anu and Renu, my very best friends. We stayed with Anu and the first day you slept so much that Anu nick named you "kumbhakarni".

You got a very warm welcome at Nedumbassery airport. Your achachan, chita and ammavan came to the airport to receive us. Achamma stayed home to prepare for your stay.You got adjusted to the new climate very quickly. Jet lag didn't affect you much.

You love to hear your chitta singing. When she stops you try to imitate her. You are loved by all. Gopu kochachan and deepu kochachan pampers you a lot. You get excited when your ammavan talks to you. Last day you laughed a lot when he was talking to you. Ammamma made him shave his beard and mustache saying you may not like it. :) You respond a lot when peramma ammoomma talks to you.

Your muthassi prepared virgin coconut oil specially for you. I am so glad that you have a great grand parent who will adore you and whom you will adore. It is such a big blessing.

And you have become a chechi real quick. Parvathy appachi was blessed with a baby girl on Oct 6th. We went and met your aniyathikutty.

You are trying to roll over but needs someone's help to come to one side. After that you manage to roll over and looks like you are enjoying laying on your tummy.

You coo a lot to calendar. You are amazed by it, especially when a page lifts due to the fan. You also love clocks. Hhmm may be you are fascinated by numbers, who knows.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Two months

In this second month Malooty has started smiling a lot. When she looks into my eyes and give that toothless grin, I feel like gobbling her up. She looks at everyone in the eye and talk in  her own language. She loves to watch the leaves in the trees move in the wind from our balcony. She doesn't like to be left alone. She prefers sitting in someone's lap all the time. She need to be swaddled or someone should hug her tight for her to sleep peacefully. She loves to hear lullabies sung by her appoppan. She smiles and talks a lot to her ammoomma when she gives her oil massage. She sucks her achan's nose when she starts to feel hungry. She sucks in her sleep which is very funny and adorable to watch.

She loves taking bath, but feels cold soon after bath is done and starts crying. Most of the time she sticks her tongue out when she smiles and she looks damn cute.

appoppan's chakkara

Ammoomma's ambadikuttan

Achan's thakkudu

Amma's kunjappi
Last day when her chitta and ammavan came online to see her, she stayed awake. Unlike the normal days she didn't sleep at all. From 7pm till they came online at 11 pm she didn't sleep. I think that is the longest stretch she has stayed awake till now.

This month we took her for some long trips. She is not a big fan of her car seat especially when she is sleepy. So we swaddle her after she is asleep and then put her in car seat. She also traveled by air for the first time. We all went to Las Vegas by flight. That she didn't mind at all. She has also started talking a lot these days. Her chitta, ammavan, achamma and achachan are waiting  eagerly to meet her. This month we are travelling to India to meet all. 
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Ritu - Our angel

I  remember the doctor saying, "oh she has lots of hair". And then I saw two very pretty pink hands and legs going up in the air and then a screech. That is how she came into our lives. Our darling daughter Ritu

She smiles and cries during her sleep. She loves sitting in her car seat. Majority of the days she sleeps well in the night getting up only for the feedings.

 Ritu, may you be as vibrant as the seasons.
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