Sunday, October 7, 2012

Third month

Malootty you loved your first international flight journey. You were marveled by the sight of all the tiny lights on the roof of the airplane at night. We met Anu and Renu, my very best friends. We stayed with Anu and the first day you slept so much that Anu nick named you "kumbhakarni".

You got a very warm welcome at Nedumbassery airport. Your achachan, chita and ammavan came to the airport to receive us. Achamma stayed home to prepare for your stay.You got adjusted to the new climate very quickly. Jet lag didn't affect you much.

You love to hear your chitta singing. When she stops you try to imitate her. You are loved by all. Gopu kochachan and deepu kochachan pampers you a lot. You get excited when your ammavan talks to you. Last day you laughed a lot when he was talking to you. Ammamma made him shave his beard and mustache saying you may not like it. :) You respond a lot when peramma ammoomma talks to you.

Your muthassi prepared virgin coconut oil specially for you. I am so glad that you have a great grand parent who will adore you and whom you will adore. It is such a big blessing.

And you have become a chechi real quick. Parvathy appachi was blessed with a baby girl on Oct 6th. We went and met your aniyathikutty.

You are trying to roll over but needs someone's help to come to one side. After that you manage to roll over and looks like you are enjoying laying on your tummy.

You coo a lot to calendar. You are amazed by it, especially when a page lifts due to the fan. You also love clocks. Hhmm may be you are fascinated by numbers, who knows.

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