Friday, August 24, 2012

Two months

In this second month Malooty has started smiling a lot. When she looks into my eyes and give that toothless grin, I feel like gobbling her up. She looks at everyone in the eye and talk in  her own language. She loves to watch the leaves in the trees move in the wind from our balcony. She doesn't like to be left alone. She prefers sitting in someone's lap all the time. She need to be swaddled or someone should hug her tight for her to sleep peacefully. She loves to hear lullabies sung by her appoppan. She smiles and talks a lot to her ammoomma when she gives her oil massage. She sucks her achan's nose when she starts to feel hungry. She sucks in her sleep which is very funny and adorable to watch.

She loves taking bath, but feels cold soon after bath is done and starts crying. Most of the time she sticks her tongue out when she smiles and she looks damn cute.

appoppan's chakkara

Ammoomma's ambadikuttan

Achan's thakkudu

Amma's kunjappi
Last day when her chitta and ammavan came online to see her, she stayed awake. Unlike the normal days she didn't sleep at all. From 7pm till they came online at 11 pm she didn't sleep. I think that is the longest stretch she has stayed awake till now.

This month we took her for some long trips. She is not a big fan of her car seat especially when she is sleepy. So we swaddle her after she is asleep and then put her in car seat. She also traveled by air for the first time. We all went to Las Vegas by flight. That she didn't mind at all. She has also started talking a lot these days. Her chitta, ammavan, achamma and achachan are waiting  eagerly to meet her. This month we are travelling to India to meet all. 
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