Monday, October 7, 2013

We are learning many new words!

Malooty's vocabulary is increasing and she is trying to learn every word that we speak to her. New words learnt:

  1. Car
  2. Owl
  3. Cow
  4. Hat
  5. Officil ( 'in office'. If I ask her 'Where is Achan' in malayalam, she now says officil)
  6. Kool (School)
  7. Ouch
  8. Yeah
  9. Bag
  10. Prisha (improved from Prish to Prisha, her friend's name)
  11. Puppy
  12. Thatha (Parrot)
  13. Achacha (Paternal grandfather)
  14. Pooppa (Appooppa means maternal grandfather)
  15. Chitta (Aunty)
  16. Ball
  17. Mine
  18. Key
  19. Come
  20. Hone (Phone)
  21. Moon
  22. Book
  23. Ah done (All done - when we finish reading a book, she says 'book all done')
  24. Paala (Milk)
  25. Potti (Broke)
  26. Poocha (Cat)
  27. Oh Oh
  28. Maya (Her chitta's name)
  29. Cuppy (Cup)

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vocabulary update

Our little girl's vocabulary is building up day by day. She tries to repeat every word that we tell her. She can convey most of her needs with words now. Its really sweet to hear her say each word. Her vocabulary as of now:
  1. Acha
  2. Amma/ ammee / mummy
  3. Choo(shoe)
  4. Hi
  5. Bye
  6. Baby
  7. Chee(cheese)
  8. Wate(water)
  9. Pooooyi(Poyi means gone, with both hands turned out)
  10. Paatta(Pattu means song)
  11. Aanna(Aana means elephant )
  12. Tszoo(Slide in park. I used to make tszoo sound while coming down the slide with her. Now she points to the park and makes that sound)
  13. No (complete with action, shaking the index finder)
  14. Ta ta
  15. Thanthu(Thank you)
  16. Peesh(please)
  17. Poo (Poovu means flower)
  18. Mana (Mala means chain)
  19. Amm (for food)
  20. What (want)
  21. Prish(her friend ‘Prisha’)
  22. Up
  23. Down
  24. Cuckoo(cooker)
  25. Rathu (Ritu her name)
  26. Two
  27. Thee (three)
  28. Aappo (apple)
  29. Vannu (Vannu means ‘came’)
  30. Manu (her ammavan’s name)
  31. Moommo (Ammoomma means grandma)
  32. Kakka (Kakka means Crow, but for her any bird is kakka)
  33. Pish (Fish)
  34. Car
  35. Opa (Open)
  36. Plane
  37. Koko (Rooster for the sound it makes)
  38. Bow Bow (Dog again for the sound)
  39. Oh no (She says this at appropriate situations, she told 'oh no' few days back when she saw her friend falling down from the bike at day care)

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

1 year!

You are ONE and quoting your achan, you are becoming cuter day by day. :)

You can walk very well and also run these days. You do not want us to hold your hands while we are walking. Shopping with you is very difficult these days as you want to push the cart, pull things from the aisle, and explore more aisles and so on. You are not scared to be alone these days. And hiding from your sight to make sure you stay with us is not at all working out. You love saying “ta ta” and some form of a “hi”. You wave very well. You try to climb to every possible place, but need help for getting down. You have climbed onto boxes, TV stand and couch in the past one month. When you want to get down you shout for us. :D
After you climb up on a box or your car, you wave your hand in a miss universe style and say “ta ta”.
You love music and dancing. As soon as you hear a song, you start dancing and look at us making sure we are too. You are a very happy child. You love our evening walks. As soon as we come down to the ground floor from our apartment and set you down, you start laughing out loud.

You can hold a spoon well and feed others now. Whenever we feed you something, you feed us back. You tickle me by kissing my tummy and you love it when I laugh.

Now once you are awake from sleep, you kiss us and the very next moment you want to get down from bed and get going. And the next thing you would do if we don’t get up from bed is to come back, hold our hands and pulls us. That is a new thing that you started doing this month. You hold our hands and pull us to places you want to go. You also bring our shoes, hand it over to us and say “ta ta”.

Your "onnam pirannal" was on June 26th. We made a grant sadya and had few of our friends over for lunch.

You loved all the attention and company you got during the long weekend of your birthday. We had friends from LA and SFO over at our home. You have grown quiet close to Anoop maman. We had a cake smash on July 5th.

We also had a really nice birthday party on July 6th.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

11 th month

We went to SFO to see off your achamma. She was really sad and I am sure you are going to miss her a lot.

One week before achamma left, we sent you to day care with her. Since achamma was around, you had a blast that week. You enjoyed playing with other kids and when we came to pick you at noon, you were so excited and started blabbering pointing to the toys and kids there. There is a kid named Cameroon who is of the same age as you. You both love playing with each other. It is a home day care and you love the lady who is taking care of you. We also tried sending you alone for another two days while achamma was here. You were exited those days as well. When we came for visits during our lunch break you even waved to us as we left. I was so relieved as I was totally worried about leaving you at a day care. I got so happy knowing that you are enjoying your time there. But then the next week all the other kids stopped coming to the day care as they shifted house to a distant place. Now you are alone there and you are getting bored. You cry when we leave you there but then you care taker says you get calm very soon and starts playing. Its been just one week and I hope you will get better as days pass by. Also you might like when we start you at Goddard School in July as there will be other kids around.

All set for the first day in school

You have started walking a lot. You almost never crawls these days. You walk pretty well, except that when you are excited you try to run and then fall down. But since it is on carpet you never get hurt and you repeat the same again. These days it is difficult to take you to super markets. You always want to walk. But since those are hard floors, we are scared to let you go. Then you go and pick stuffs from the aisles. You smile at others who watch you and when they return the smile or try to talk to you, you turn around and reach out to us.

A new tooth has popped at the upper side this month.
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

10th month

You fell sick for a whole of 3 weeks with diarrhea, fever and body rash. We all felt very bad for you. You celebrated your first vishu. We had a grant vishu kani and sadya. You received your first vishu kaineetam from achamma.

Your fever got better when your achan came back home on the day of vishu after his business trip.

Holding on tight - glad that your achan is back from his trip

You can stand up without holding onto any support. You have started to pick things and eat. You love the veggie puffs. Now you insist mostly on having food yourself. Your two teeth are visible when you smile.

These days you pick your board books, come to us and then sit in our laps all by yourself, so that we can read to you.

You took your first independent steps on May 1st. When we came home for lunch brake, you were standing holding onto your achan and then walked those first steps toward me. :)

It is really fun to watch you walking. You loose balance and sit down after a few steps , but it is really cute to see.
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

9 months


On Shivarathri when we went to temple. You folded your hands when an elderly person there told namaste to you with folded hands.

You are very cheerful and happy again after that short span when you were irritable. We feel it had something to do with teething. You are socializing well. Though you don't go to anyone's lap that easily, you do talk and play with everyone. Your smile is infectious.

You can now sign chewing and show us that you are hungry. Last day you managed to put a small piece of chappathi to your mouth and started eating. You know very well to push any food that comes out of your mouth back using your hands.

Now that your hair is long, we try different hair styles!

Achan has taught you to get out of the bed safely. So now you turn side wise or push yourself back and then get down. You have learnt to play peek-a-boo by pulling a blanket up to your face by yourself. You love it when any of us try chasing you on all fours. You take breaks in your crawling and look at us. When we start crawling towards you, you laugh out loud and speeds up.
Our Shuppu with the center partitioning

You are a naughty girl. Last day I saw you trying to shake the floor lamp holding onto its stem. when it did not budge(because your father has secured it under the bed frame) you held onto the bed and tried pulling harder. You now climb onto fire place on your own. You also kind of say umma while giving kisses. You have also started telling Chitta consistently. Your chitta gets all excited whenever she hears you telling chitta.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

8th month

You know to open and close kitchen cabinet doors now.We are going to childproof them soon. You give kisses to us when we demand. And you are blabbering a lot these days. You call acha as if you have some serious topics to discuss with achan. You want to be lifted up whenever you see any of us standing and doing some chore. You will come to us while we are standing, hold on to our legs and stand up and then look at us or even raise hands showing you need to be lifted up. You like having having breakfast with us.

Your achamma has taught you to identify bangle, fan, flower, stuffed toy 'panda' and light. You can identify achan and amma. You fold your hands as soon as we say we are going to light the lamp. You also fold your hands when we stand in front of our pooja place. Some days when you get up and you still feel sleepy , you put your head on your achan's or my chest and try to sleep again. It is adorable. And you give us lots of kisses and hugs as soon as you wake up.

Your fascination with laptops and mobiles continues. Last day you wanted a prayer book that I was holding. I kept it at the far end of the sofa thinking you will not be able to reach there. I was sitting near sofa. You climbed on to my lap and then onto sofa to grab that book. When I took that out of your reach again, you saw all your stuffed toys sitting safely on top of the headrest of the sofa and you pulled down each of them. You are trying to stand without  support a lot these days. Mostly you hold something in your hand and then try to balance yourself. It is amazing how babies know such tricks. You sign us to come near by stretching your hand and opening and closing your palm.

Valentine's day photo shoot!!

You hate your car seat these days. When we free you on reaching our destination you climb onto my lap, hold onto the seat in front and then stretch your neck to look at your achan and then keep on calling "acha acha".

The very next day of turning 8 months your first teeth popped out at the bottom.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

7th month

You have become an expert at standing up yourself holding on to tables. You also walk from one end of the TV stand to the other end by holding on to it. You are more demanding these days. You get angry if someone tries to take the remote or phone out of your hands. You can pick up small things from floor. You love strawberry, plum, orange and banana. You give numerous kisses to baby photos you see around. You give kisses to all of us once in a while. Also you squeeze our cheeks,hands, neck wherever you get a hold of. Your laugh is really sweet. You are also trying to stand without support these days. But you just stay that way for may be 5 sec and then you are down.

You always try hard and never give up once you set your mind on something. You know to find a way out yourself. If you are not able to get something from a cardboard box you now know to turn it over and get what you want. You are again blabbering these days after stopping it for quite a while. It is really sweet to see your happiness when we return back from work. You don't cry when we go to work.  It is difficult to snap a photo of yours these days as you crawl towards the camera whenever you see it. You want to hold it. You also come crawling very fast if you see laptop and any wires for that matter. You are trying to resist sleep these days. Looks like you are scared you might miss something when you are asleep.
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

6th month

You started trying to sit up at the beginning of this month. By five and a half months you started sitting up properly and started crawling too.

We traveled back to US this month. You were fine with the flight journey. We stopped over at Dubai and met Gopesh chitappan. We directly came to Shankar vallyachan and Resmi vallyamma's house. You are loved by everyone and you are being a nice baby. You love your car seat and start giggling when we put you in car seat. By end of the day you get tired of sitting in it but still you don't make a big fuss of it.

You have learnt to clap your hands and understand when we play peek-a-boo with you. Now we give you bath by making you sit up. You love splashing water in the tub.

We have started giving you ragi porridge once ina while. You like idli these days. You are trying to stand up on your own. But seems like your legs are not strong enough for it. So we are not at all encouraging you to do that. You love to jump while we hold you in our lap. Also you tilt your head either ways when we show that to you. 
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