Sunday, June 9, 2013

11 th month

We went to SFO to see off your achamma. She was really sad and I am sure you are going to miss her a lot.

One week before achamma left, we sent you to day care with her. Since achamma was around, you had a blast that week. You enjoyed playing with other kids and when we came to pick you at noon, you were so excited and started blabbering pointing to the toys and kids there. There is a kid named Cameroon who is of the same age as you. You both love playing with each other. It is a home day care and you love the lady who is taking care of you. We also tried sending you alone for another two days while achamma was here. You were exited those days as well. When we came for visits during our lunch break you even waved to us as we left. I was so relieved as I was totally worried about leaving you at a day care. I got so happy knowing that you are enjoying your time there. But then the next week all the other kids stopped coming to the day care as they shifted house to a distant place. Now you are alone there and you are getting bored. You cry when we leave you there but then you care taker says you get calm very soon and starts playing. Its been just one week and I hope you will get better as days pass by. Also you might like when we start you at Goddard School in July as there will be other kids around.

All set for the first day in school

You have started walking a lot. You almost never crawls these days. You walk pretty well, except that when you are excited you try to run and then fall down. But since it is on carpet you never get hurt and you repeat the same again. These days it is difficult to take you to super markets. You always want to walk. But since those are hard floors, we are scared to let you go. Then you go and pick stuffs from the aisles. You smile at others who watch you and when they return the smile or try to talk to you, you turn around and reach out to us.

A new tooth has popped at the upper side this month.
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