Friday, February 8, 2013

7th month

You have become an expert at standing up yourself holding on to tables. You also walk from one end of the TV stand to the other end by holding on to it. You are more demanding these days. You get angry if someone tries to take the remote or phone out of your hands. You can pick up small things from floor. You love strawberry, plum, orange and banana. You give numerous kisses to baby photos you see around. You give kisses to all of us once in a while. Also you squeeze our cheeks,hands, neck wherever you get a hold of. Your laugh is really sweet. You are also trying to stand without support these days. But you just stay that way for may be 5 sec and then you are down.

You always try hard and never give up once you set your mind on something. You know to find a way out yourself. If you are not able to get something from a cardboard box you now know to turn it over and get what you want. You are again blabbering these days after stopping it for quite a while. It is really sweet to see your happiness when we return back from work. You don't cry when we go to work.  It is difficult to snap a photo of yours these days as you crawl towards the camera whenever you see it. You want to hold it. You also come crawling very fast if you see laptop and any wires for that matter. You are trying to resist sleep these days. Looks like you are scared you might miss something when you are asleep.
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