Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finally, I did it!

I have been shying away from doing this since a long time. My mother has been behind me telling me to do it. My friends have asked me why not do it. But I resisted all because I wasn't sure if I will be able to dedicate the time and effort required for this. I might lose interest later on. I might not be consistent with it and so on.

But then, why now? Well, one reason is that I'm jobless now( Yeah, resigned from my job to relocate temporarily from India to US with my husband ), the second is that I thought, why not have a journal for myself. If its just for myself, I need not be consistent right.  :)

So now that I have decided that I am going to start a blog, I shall ponder on what to write in my first post ever. Why not write about the person who is the reason behind this blog. My sweet mother. She is the one who believes that I can write well, who keeps all the poems I have written very safely(well I myself don't like the ones that I wrote in my school time, so childish; but she adores all of them). She can talk and talk and talk. She is the one who taught me there is nothing impossible in life. She believes that if we truly desire for something and then work for it, it will materialize. She is the reason why I attended a variety of classes like sewing, karnatic music, thiruvathirakali, geetha classes and so on. She was upset when I joined Bharatanatyam classes after I started working and kept on asking me if she should have enrolled me to that one when I was a child. (She was worried that probably she didn't notice I had a passion for that.) She is the one who introduced me to the only Malayalam novels that I have ever read. And she does read the English ones that i suggest her. This blog is dedicated to you, Amma.

Achan & Amma @ Lalbagh, Bangalore, India

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