Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vocabulary update

Our little girl's vocabulary is building up day by day. She tries to repeat every word that we tell her. She can convey most of her needs with words now. Its really sweet to hear her say each word. Her vocabulary as of now:
  1. Acha
  2. Amma/ ammee / mummy
  3. Choo(shoe)
  4. Hi
  5. Bye
  6. Baby
  7. Chee(cheese)
  8. Wate(water)
  9. Pooooyi(Poyi means gone, with both hands turned out)
  10. Paatta(Pattu means song)
  11. Aanna(Aana means elephant )
  12. Tszoo(Slide in park. I used to make tszoo sound while coming down the slide with her. Now she points to the park and makes that sound)
  13. No (complete with action, shaking the index finder)
  14. Ta ta
  15. Thanthu(Thank you)
  16. Peesh(please)
  17. Poo (Poovu means flower)
  18. Mana (Mala means chain)
  19. Amm (for food)
  20. What (want)
  21. Prish(her friend ‘Prisha’)
  22. Up
  23. Down
  24. Cuckoo(cooker)
  25. Rathu (Ritu her name)
  26. Two
  27. Thee (three)
  28. Aappo (apple)
  29. Vannu (Vannu means ‘came’)
  30. Manu (her ammavan’s name)
  31. Moommo (Ammoomma means grandma)
  32. Kakka (Kakka means Crow, but for her any bird is kakka)
  33. Pish (Fish)
  34. Car
  35. Opa (Open)
  36. Plane
  37. Koko (Rooster for the sound it makes)
  38. Bow Bow (Dog again for the sound)
  39. Oh no (She says this at appropriate situations, she told 'oh no' few days back when she saw her friend falling down from the bike at day care)

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