Sunday, January 6, 2013

6th month

You started trying to sit up at the beginning of this month. By five and a half months you started sitting up properly and started crawling too.

We traveled back to US this month. You were fine with the flight journey. We stopped over at Dubai and met Gopesh chitappan. We directly came to Shankar vallyachan and Resmi vallyamma's house. You are loved by everyone and you are being a nice baby. You love your car seat and start giggling when we put you in car seat. By end of the day you get tired of sitting in it but still you don't make a big fuss of it.

You have learnt to clap your hands and understand when we play peek-a-boo with you. Now we give you bath by making you sit up. You love splashing water in the tub.

We have started giving you ragi porridge once ina while. You like idli these days. You are trying to stand up on your own. But seems like your legs are not strong enough for it. So we are not at all encouraging you to do that. You love to jump while we hold you in our lap. Also you tilt your head either ways when we show that to you. 
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