Sunday, March 10, 2013

8th month

You know to open and close kitchen cabinet doors now.We are going to childproof them soon. You give kisses to us when we demand. And you are blabbering a lot these days. You call acha as if you have some serious topics to discuss with achan. You want to be lifted up whenever you see any of us standing and doing some chore. You will come to us while we are standing, hold on to our legs and stand up and then look at us or even raise hands showing you need to be lifted up. You like having having breakfast with us.

Your achamma has taught you to identify bangle, fan, flower, stuffed toy 'panda' and light. You can identify achan and amma. You fold your hands as soon as we say we are going to light the lamp. You also fold your hands when we stand in front of our pooja place. Some days when you get up and you still feel sleepy , you put your head on your achan's or my chest and try to sleep again. It is adorable. And you give us lots of kisses and hugs as soon as you wake up.

Your fascination with laptops and mobiles continues. Last day you wanted a prayer book that I was holding. I kept it at the far end of the sofa thinking you will not be able to reach there. I was sitting near sofa. You climbed on to my lap and then onto sofa to grab that book. When I took that out of your reach again, you saw all your stuffed toys sitting safely on top of the headrest of the sofa and you pulled down each of them. You are trying to stand without  support a lot these days. Mostly you hold something in your hand and then try to balance yourself. It is amazing how babies know such tricks. You sign us to come near by stretching your hand and opening and closing your palm.

Valentine's day photo shoot!!

You hate your car seat these days. When we free you on reaching our destination you climb onto my lap, hold onto the seat in front and then stretch your neck to look at your achan and then keep on calling "acha acha".

The very next day of turning 8 months your first teeth popped out at the bottom.

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