Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4 months

At 3 months and 12 days you rolled over on your own. Now you are a pro at it. You also know to roll back now. And you are making a huge effort to move forward, but the result is that you are moving backwards. That does irritate you  at times when you are trying hard to reach a toy kept in front.

These days you want your chitta to sing different songs to you. Till last month you preferred hearing the same song over and over( "kannan thumbi poramo" being your favourite). Your chita claims you love "Enthu paranjalum nee endethalle vaave". Right now your favourite song is "Attirambile kombile" according to her.

Now you grab things. Initally you were holding things that we give you, but now you try to grab anything that appears near you. When we take you out for a stroll, you try to grab leaves and flowers. You also try to snatch the toys in the toy mobile that appoopan has made for you. It keeps swinging,but you keep trying until you are able to hold it.

You make raspberries and spit a lot these days. You do it either when you are left alone or when someone holds you up and look at you.
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