Sunday, May 12, 2013

10th month

You fell sick for a whole of 3 weeks with diarrhea, fever and body rash. We all felt very bad for you. You celebrated your first vishu. We had a grant vishu kani and sadya. You received your first vishu kaineetam from achamma.

Your fever got better when your achan came back home on the day of vishu after his business trip.

Holding on tight - glad that your achan is back from his trip

You can stand up without holding onto any support. You have started to pick things and eat. You love the veggie puffs. Now you insist mostly on having food yourself. Your two teeth are visible when you smile.

These days you pick your board books, come to us and then sit in our laps all by yourself, so that we can read to you.

You took your first independent steps on May 1st. When we came home for lunch brake, you were standing holding onto your achan and then walked those first steps toward me. :)

It is really fun to watch you walking. You loose balance and sit down after a few steps , but it is really cute to see.
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