Thursday, January 15, 2015

Toddler Thursdays 2

Ritu is used to eating Indian breakfast almost every single morning. We give her dry cereals only as a snack during our road trips or whenever we want her to sit in her stroller for sometime.

When we go on road trips, we spent long hours in car. We always take a couple of stops in between. But for a toddler, getting strapped to her car seat for such long hours can be very annoying. So apart from books, toys and songs, we use cheerios too as a means to keep her occupied. Well when someone enjoys eating cheerios and eats one cheerio at a time, it can be a good time pass activity.

On our recent road trip to Disneyland, we spent a total of 9 hours in car. Once she got bored she asked for 'cheeooos'. I didn't get what she was asking. She repeatedly told the same thing and when she found I still haven't got it, she clarified it for me," Amma, snacks!". That's when I realized she is asking for cheerios. I gave her the snack cup with cheerios and pat came the response, "Aa atha kunji paranje." (This is what I told.)

In a long queue at Disneyland entrance in her stroller

The next time she asked for her snack cup, I had to search as I forgot where I kept it the last time. An impatient Ritu asked in all seriousness, " Amma evide konde vechu!"(Amma where did you keep it). With her eyebrows raised and fingers pointed, I had a hard time not laughing.

We had also packed some homemade banana chips to have in the car. I was passing on some to Arun and mom when Ritu saw the chips. May be she thought we were not planning to give her chips. Anyways, she said, "Amma chips tharuo. Illel kunjiku bhayankara vishamam varum." (Will you give me chips? If not I will get really sad.)

These days every single thing Ritu says is so cute and I feel like capturing every single of them. She is growing out of all baby talk so fast that I feel soon I might even forget all those words she used to say in her own unique way. 

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