Monday, July 30, 2012

Ritu - Our angel

I  remember the doctor saying, "oh she has lots of hair". And then I saw two very pretty pink hands and legs going up in the air and then a screech. That is how she came into our lives. Our darling daughter Ritu

She smiles and cries during her sleep. She loves sitting in her car seat. Majority of the days she sleeps well in the night getting up only for the feedings.

 Ritu, may you be as vibrant as the seasons.


  1. That's exactly the feeling that I get about her there's hope..hope about a change coming in..just like the seasons change, no matter what..and it happens every 4 months in a year (unless of course, you're in Canada!! :P)...
    Just like your mom said, may everything about you be just vibrant and joyful, Ritu...mwahh!! :)